JBL E25BT earphone review

It’s my first time owning a Bluetooth connected earphones. My last time trying them a few years back was not that nice. The sound was not yet at par with wired ones. I tried again this time cause my Nocs gave up already. I’m a fan of JBL speakers because they have a clear sound from lows,miss and highs.

It works like a regular headset, with controls and mic for talking. The Neat thing about the controls is it has two ways of operating it. If you press it fast,it would work as a volume control. If you long press those volume buttons,it would jump to the next song or previous. That’s basically it. The neat thing here is the detachable clip the you could put at your back part of the shirt so it won’t slip down when not in use. The battery last for me around 6-8 hours. It has a pouch for your storage and the cable has a reversible slot so it’s awesome for that part. The earphones es are very light as well.

Sound wise it’s better now compared before. The sound quality is natural compared from my previous trial of bluetooth earphones. It’s a big leap but wired ones will still be best for now. I tried it with other brand and got this one because buying the more expensive ones is not that really superior in any way.  That one brand is a bit overrated and super bassy won’t cut for me. This one is very nice sounding and a good buy for my budget. It has a clear highs and miss. Very clear on those department,but the bass is a big enhanced. It’s not that of an issue for me. I’m not a fan of very bassy earphones, but the presence of the bass here is enhanced enough for my liking,

Issues with this is when I get a bit far from my device then it’s on a closed space,it tends to have some transmission issues. BUT The sound quality is still ok though. One big downside for me is it’s not meant for active people. You could use this one a casual trip but not in exercising etc. it’s not designed for that. I’m an active person plus I use casual earphones in playing some tunes on the drums. So getting a bit sweaty might cause some issues. I’ve notice that the clip will tend to strech your back collar after a uses of that with your shirt. It’s annoying if you have some fave shirts in your closet. It’s hard to put it nicely because it’s in your back neck part.

Overall this one is a steal for me, one thing that would be nice is design this for exercise then you’ll be a champ for us consumers in this mid price bracket.


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