Yurbuds/JBL inspire 300 Earphone review

I’m leaning towards the active lifestyle so my usual nocs ns400 aluminum won’t do the trick. I always saw yurbuds in running stores so that intrigued me. Then, when I saw it was powered JBL so I tried one. I break it in for a while to hear the full potential. So what happened? Be patient,we’ll get there. Here are the features

  • It has the signature JBL sound
  • The twist lock technology that will lock the earphones in your ear. Insert the buds in a 3 o’clock position, then twist it to 2 o’clock. That’s the trick.
  • It’s sweat proof and very comfortable in the ears.
  • It has a microphone control and for skipping tracks.
  • The jack is reinforced so it’s hard to break it on that side,
  • The back of the buds has a magnet so when you don’t use it just stick the two back to back. It won’t tangle around your neck.


The sound is very clear but I can’t feel the bass of the songs. I have to really crank the volume of my phone to hear the presence of the low end. Maybe it’s the rubber earpiece design. I could feel the presence of the bass when I play some megadeth tunes cranked up. But if you try to listen to some jazz standards, you should really concentrate just to hear the walking bass. Playing some old school meters won’t penetrate the low end spectrum as well. So I guess bass is a disappointment here. One thing that I discovered is when you really cover your ears like an earmuff, that’s the time you feel the bass.


Yes it’s really for active people. The twist lock technology really works. I tried HIIT a training with jogging. From slow jogging to sprinting in paces, the buds still intact. One thing that I notice is that when the sweat enters your ears, it can give you a weird tingling sensation inside your ear. It may annoy you in the long run. The controls work just fine. Nothing special there,it just works. The magnets really helps a lot when you put it in your neck. Think like urbanears but with a magnet.


The earphones is built like a tank for durability. The controls work, it’s really sweatproof, the jack is really hard and reinforced. The twist lock is very useful for me. But one main concern is the sound of the bass. It’s not really in ears type of earbuds but I have some normal earbuds that gives you more bass(stock earphone from Samsung galaxy s7 and Sony Xperia).So I don’t really know what’s that JBL sound. Buy it for the function, you’ll be blown away. But if it’s the sound, nahhh it’s too generic.


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