TRX/CRX cymbal review

It started with me and Karmi Santiago (session drummer) hanging and talking about drums. After a while she said her TRX cymbals was something different for her ears. I was intrigued by this statement, but there’s no way to get one here. She got her cymbals by endorsement and there’s no one selling in the country. Chances are very slim unless you get it online. Getting online stuff here is very tricky. Ask our government why,hahaha. Anyway I asked my good friend Vinci Rodriguez ( if there’s a way to get it here. He asked for what specific line I want, I said the TRX SE. After a while he called and said he can get it here in a month. Knowing the disease of a musician called GAS(gear acquisition syndrome) struck me again so I said I’ll definitely get it. After some waiting game he posted the cymbals on his fb with other cymbals. I immediately went to his place and check it.

Here’s the fb post of drumshopmanila that made me fly to his place(pic provided by drumshopmanila)

I’m trying the ride cymbal, a very well balanced ride (pic provided by drumshopmanila)

Me getting hooked by the crx stacks,I took home the one on the left. (Pic provided by drumshopmanila) and I apologize for the unwashed hair. I wasn’t planning to go outside that day, hahah

The cymbals i got. TRX SE 14 hats, 18 crash, 21 ride and CRX “crasher” stacks. The stack is composed of a 14 classic stacker and 14 classic china.

The cymbal set with my kit.

The review:

  • 14 TRX SE hats is on the heavier weights. It’s very articulate from the foot chick sound to the delicate double strokes. The pitch is in the middle. It’s very dynamic and opens up well when I played it. The open hat sound is not abrasive compared to other brand with the same weight, A great all around hats.
  • 18 TRX SE crash is around medium weight. The sound is so pure, I don’t know how to really describe it but it’s pure. It opens up fast and has a bright sound if you hit it hard. When you play it soft, it’s like a wave of the ocean. It’s very smooth. It’s a good crash ride as well. When played with a tip,it’s articulate and has a good bell.
  • 21 TRX SE ride was a medium heavy in weight. The pitch is in the middle. It has a very good stick articulation with a small wash. It’s not that dry but when you use the shoulder it opens up. It’s a good crash as well. It’s not gongy in sound. The bell was cutting. It’s a very versatile ride.
  • 14. CRX stack pack “crasher” is the surprise in the bunch, never planned to buy a stack but the sound is sick. The stack is composed of a 14 crash with holes and a 14 China. Those two could stand alone and has an awesome sound. The 14 stacker has a very trashy white noise crash sound that decays fast. The China is a very loud China that’s a bit short in decay. The stack when combined can be played as a very articulate and dry sounding China effect when it’s tight. If it’s loose,it’s sounds so nasty. Think China but more articulate.

Click on the link for the video testing of the cymbals at home.

TRX demo

It’s just me fooling around with my new cymbals. The video and audio was recorded using Samsung galaxy s7. The hihat is a bit loud because it’s the one nearest. Hopefully you get an idea about the cymbals.

Check out drumshopmanila here:

Check out Karmi Santiago’s Rosanna cover with her trx cymbals.

TRX Karmi’s Rosanna drum cover
Thanks for checking my review. I’m excited to use this in a gig but it might take a while because I don’t know the status of my band at this moment.


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