Unbiased review of Atmos fit elite

Atmos fit elite is a smart fitness band. It tracks your heart rate,steps,hours of sleep plus the time and date. It’s Fairly simple, so let’s check it out.

After one month of using this gadget, I’ve discovered some things.

  • You have to sync it daily to your phone because the time has a tendency to be advance around 4 mins. Per day
  • If you get your heartbeat manually in the device, be sure to turn it off again by long pressing the bpm menu. If you don’t then you’ll look like a pirated member of the green lantern corps.
  • The steps won’t be counted If you walk and you aren’t swinging your arms even though you’re walking. So if you wear this and that hand is bringing a grocery bag, sorry it’s not gonna work
  • I’m a drummer! So when I swing my arms it’s counted as a step. If I practice for two hours, it’s equivalent to 5000 to 10000 steps. 
  • Last, i got a frickin allergy bump because of the lock of the bracelet

    Do I need to explain the gadget? I’ll help you with that. It tells you the time and date. If you press the button(can’t miss it since it’s only one) it goes to the next which is the step counter. Then the next one is the heart rate monitor. You need to long press the button if you want your heartbeat to be measured. The battery usually last for 10 days. They have an app to sync and log the result in your phone. In the app,it also tells you how deep or how light is your sleep. I’m not sure with that one.

    My verdict:

    It’s a pretty nice thing to have but it’s not accurate, Samsung health for me is better. It’s a bit of a hassle since it’s very phone reliant. It could stand alone for a few days but the time wouldn’t be accurate. So buy this if you want because it’s just cheap. But if you are expecting accurate results then it’s not this one. Plus if you have a sensitive skin just look at my photo reference. I’m not wearing it in my left because of the allergy. It’s on my right side now,so ill check if my right side while develop the same allergy. If it happens, then tough luck for me. 


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