Drummin’Blogging on 2017

This is 2017, where people are already vlogging and making them less to be a fan of reading. Not all of them Ofcourse, we are in the era of having information is just one click away. So what’s the point? None really hahaha. It’s just the next step I think. Who would imagine that you are watching a vlog of a reaction video, then the related video is the reaction of that video. Is this inception? I don’t know.

The point is I’m making my blog as my journal. So follow on my introverted insights in life and I hope you’ll get some good read on this. I won’t entertain negative people, grammar nazi, and trolls. We have so much hate around already. I’ll be here drumming in the brighter side of things. 

Cheers to blogging 2017!

My drums around 2012

Tama limited edition hyperdrive, speed cobras, zildjian gospel pack with k china, drumshopmanila custom snare.


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